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Roland Minges

Founder and owner of Agentur WeinImmobilien.

Son of a winemaker family in Palatinate, Rhine Valley,  with viticulture tradition over several centuries. Born 1955 in Hainfeld at Deutsche Weinstraße, the German Wine Route.

Studied electrical power engineering from 1978 to 1981.

Returned to his viticulture roots after 20 years of professional experience in Electrical Power Engineering. Last worked as a freelancer in the energy-trading business. In early 2000, takeover and successful further development of the Kügler  GmbH (LLC) for wine trading. www.weinkommission.com. Shareholders Eva and Roland Minges.

2008: Start of Agentur WeinImmobilien, diversification of activities in the wine economy.

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Dipl. Ing. Roland Minges
Mühlweg 6
D-76833 Siebeldingen

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