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When selling or purchasing a vineyard with all its extraordinary properties, a lot of know-how is needed – and the right personal contacts. This combination, subject to strictest confidentiality, qualifies to help you as a prospect with your very specific wishes, regardless of whether you want to buy or sell. Take a look at our REFERENCES.

→ What we do and what we know!

  • Who is the competent partner to assist you in the sale of your vineyard?
  • Client file with financially strong prospects, targeted »acquisition of a trustworthy purchaser client base«!
  • Who supports you in finding the decision to purchase? Preparation of a »due diligence or business plan«?
  • Do you need advice concerning a »successor solution« for your vineyard?
  • Is there a service provider to bundle inquiries from companies and for real estate in the wine industry?
  • Who helps you in »assessing the business value« of your vineyard?
  • Would you like to buy or sell a vineyard in a particular location?
  • Are you searching for a former winemaker estate in a romantic wine-grower village?
  • What do »planting rights for wine growing« cost?
  • What are the »leasehold prices« in a particular range of size or single location?
  • Who provides samples of »Lease and Management Agreements« to you?
  • Who offers support for you in the purchase of a vineyard in »Southern Europe«?
  • Are you scouting for »qualified staff« (business managers, employees) for your vineyard?
  • Conducting »value assessments« of buildings and vineyards

Agency for companies and
Estate in the wine industry

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