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Michael Georg Acker – pinot for passion

Born 1955, grown up in a family with viticulture, winemaking and winery management tradition.
First experiences in Hammel Winery, Kirchheim at Deutsche Weinstraße.

1976 to 1977, internship at the vineyard Ökonomierat Rebholz in Siebeldingen

1977 to 1981, studies in Geisenheim

1981 to 2011, vineyard manager at the vineyard Schumacher in Herxheim am Berg. Until 1997, expansion and exclusive sale of bottled wines for the manor tavern, Gutsschänke Neuhof in Dreieich-Götzenhain. From 1997 onward, development of a private client base and positioning of the vineyard among the top enterprises in Germany. Eichelmann 4.5 stars of 5, Gault Millau 3 grapes of 5. Numerous first prizes and among the runner-ups in various competitions (German Pinot Noir Prize, German Red Wine Prize, Sylvan Symposium…)

2011, start of independent enterprise as advisor in oenology and marketing for different vineyards in Germany and abroad

Organisation of a wine agency at the Vineyard Hammel with its own line of wines

Cooperation with agency “WeinImmobilien” from 2013

Winery “Bremer” in Niefernheim (Zellertal / Pfalz) → Consultant in function of the manager at the rebuilding of the winery “Three sisters and Mr. Acker”:

  • First successes with winning the competition “Riesling Champion 2018” from the publishing house VINUM
  • 1st place at the German Red Wine Award 2018
  • Positioning “Weingut Bremer” in all German wine guides
  • Inclusion in the book by Anne Krebiehl “The wines of Germany”

Winery “Obercarlenbach” in Kleinkarlbach / Pfalz → Consultation of the new owner family during the reconstruction of the winery

“Burgenweingut” in Burgen / Mosel → Comprehensive advice to the new owner → Inclusion in various wine guides

Winery “Jean Rapp” in Kapellen-Drusweiler / Palatinate → Personnel reorganization of the company

Winery “Bleimer Schloß” in Greding, Altmühltal / Bavaria → Rebuilding of a winery in Bavaria. EU-supported project. Development of a winery in a hitherto not suitable for viticulture climatic zone. Topic climate change.

Commissioned by Agentur WeinImmobilien: Weingut Bremer; Weingut Obercarlenbach; Burgenweingut; Weingut Jean Rapp; Weingut Bleimer Schloß

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